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Matroyshka Sushi

Here's an incredibly creative and amazing way to make sushi! What a delightful treat this Matroyshka Sushi...

Watermelon BBQ

Create a watermelon BBQ for your Summer celebrations! Slice the watermelon, hollow it out and add skewers across for the "grill". Then make fruit kabobs to place on the grill and celery legs hold it all...

Teddy Nut Bear Cookies

Make these cute cookies by cutting out adorable teddy bears with a cookie cutter and then folding their arms around an...

DIY Unicorn Macarons

How sweet are these little unicorn macarons?! Learn to make them yourself in the video below:

Rainbow Heart Slice Cookies

You can make these magical cookies if you have some time and patience!

Peeps On A Hill

These adorable Peeps from @SugartownSweets are easy to make using green coconut packaged snowballs, Peeps (love the candy eyes!) and jelly...

Jam-Filled Bunny Pops

Make these adorable bunny pops with refrigerated crescent rolls and jam! Jam-Filled Bunny Pops 1 can refrigerated crescent dinner rolls 6 lollipop sticks 2 teaspoons strawberry jam 1 egg white Miniature chocolate chips, and pink circles or heart candy sprinkles Heat...

Llama Stew

😋🍗🍽❣ Shaping rice into a llama makes this stew extra delicious! Pinterest

Daisy Cupcakes

These Springtime Daisy Cupcakes are made by piping the flower petals from white chocolate and adding a dollop of lemon curd to the center. What a happy treat for Easter! Get the recipe at Duncan Hines!...