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Sew Mini Treats Book

Sew Mini Treats: More Than 18 Food Plushies to Stitch & Stuff One of the cutest books I've seen in a long time! This book comes with more than 18 food plushies to stitch and stuff and no sewing experience is necessary. It comes with a book, plus felt, floss, needles,...

PB & J Plushie

This is a plush, huggable version of everyone's favorite sandwich - peanut butter and jelly! 18 squishy inches. All new polyester...

Free Sweet Alphabet Printable

Free Sweet Alphabet Printable - Learn the alphabet with delicious treats! Just save and print the image above to make a fun printable for your home or office or frig.

Japanese Food Erasers

Buy Japanese Food Erasers! These erasers from Japan come with 20 assorted restaurant food style erasers (no duplicates). The foods are from Japanese & Chinese restaurants, Fast food, Festival Food, Sushi and more! These are really fun for gifts, party favors, or...

Cute Macaron Soaps

You can make your own adorable soaps that look just like macarons!

Free “Smile Everyday”

Need a reminder to smile every single day? Just save and print the image above to make a fun printable for your home or office or frig!

Bear Rug Trivets

Set down your pots on these adorable grizzly bear rugs! They come in both brown and white styles. These silicone bear rugs will keep your counters...

Cat Smartphone Stand

Here's a super cute stretching cat smartphone stand! It works for all major smartphones, including the Iphone 4~5 and Androids. It's made with sturdy polyresin, and it works great for your desk, bedside, or on the counter to keep your phone upright vertically or...

Couple On A Scooter

Here's a free digital download for you! Just click on the image below and save it. Then you can print it and display it wherever you...

Draw An Easter Basket

Just in time for Easter, you can learn to draw this totally adorable Easter basket!