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Peeps Sunflower Cake

Peeps are so prevalent this time of year and I love to use them in different crafts and recipes, since they are so fun and colorful. I saw this Peeps Sunflower Cake on Taste of Home and saw that it uses a yellow cake mix for the flower with chocolate chips for the...

Cookie Flip Flops

Make these summery flip flop sandals cookies with Nutter Butter cookies and the just add a “strap” to each with frosting! Partycity

Father’s Day Cookies

Frost graham crackers and use tubes of gel icing or frosting to make details! Don't forget the confetti sprinkles! Perfect for Father's Day!

Matroyshka Sushi

Here's an incredibly creative and amazing way to make sushi! What a delightful treat this Matroyshka Sushi...

Watermelon BBQ

Create a watermelon BBQ for your Summer celebrations! Slice the watermelon, hollow it out and add skewers across for the "grill". Then make fruit kabobs to place on the grill and celery legs hold it all...